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100 Gardens in a Day

A project to provide 100 container gardens to low income residents of North Richmond, California


In the early part of the 20th century, North Richmond was populated by Italian-Americans. During World War II, many African-Americans moved from the South and Midwest and came to the Richmond in order to find jobs helping the war effort. Many came to work in Richmond's shipyards and consequently, moved into North Richmond. To this day, most of the residents are African American. 

Today, the area retains the label of "The Ghetto " due to its high crime rates, unemployment, and poverty. Since the 1970s, many Latinos, especially Mexicans, have moved into the area. More recently, there has been an influx of Asian Immigrants.

North Richmond has a reputation for being extremely dangerous. It is often vilified in the media, as its citizens are often the victims or perpetrators of gang violence, shoot-outs and drive-by shootings. Drug dealing and drug possession are common. The area is also worked by Crack dealers and prostitutes. The community has been described by county officials as a "magnet" for illegal dumping.

North Richmond is next to Chevron’s Richmond Refinery in Richmond's Point Richmond District. The public health risks associated with emissions and chemical spills, especially of Sulfur-trioxide are major concerns for the entire area. A community warning system of loud sirens is in place to warn residents of chemical spills. This warning is tested on the first Wednesday of every month, and can be heard from miles away. The Richmond Dump is also in a tiny strip of Richmond that runs through North Richmond.

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There is no grocery store in North Richmond, creating a lack of 

fresh produce available to residents of North Richmond.  Home gardens can help provide continuing education in area of nutrition and food choices as well as provide children with food producing experiences in the home.


Home gardens help to demonstrate the relative ease with which fresh food can be grown in  homes, driveways and backyards and  expands the concept of “locally grown” to the home.

The “Gardens in a Day” project will be centered at Verde School in North Richmond and managed by the Verde School Family Association. Eligibility in the program requires participation in the Verde School Family   Association as well as completion of agreed upon volunteer hours spent at Verde School

The Garden

The “Gardens” consists of,

  1. Common plastic containers, such as storage tubs and boxes, small trash cans, used highway crash barriers, and recycling containers.
  2. Reclaimed soil and compost. 
  3. Drip irrigation.
  4. Various vegetable plants, donated by Art Department, Vallejo, Ca.


Each family will get,

3 large containers for tomatoes, squash, eggplant, etc.

3 medium containers for peppers, herbs, onions, etc.

4 small containers for garlic, chard, radishes, etc.

A test garden of recycled and reusable containers has been created to demonstrate the simplicity of container gardening.

Total of 100 gardens will be installed in one day (day TBD)

100 Gardens in a Day
A project to provide 100 container gardens to low income residents of North Richmond, California
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