Harold Beaulieu
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K Rails
K rail barriers were a magnet for graffiti and gang identity in Vallejo. 

In collaboration with our federally funded after school mural painting program at Vallejo High and Hogan High, My intention was to create neighborhood art opportunities that allowed children and families to participate in the public art process.  The project attracted many participants, including Vallejo Mayor, Osby Davis, Doing his part.

In the neighborhoods that people painted the k rails, the graffiti ended.

Unfortunatly, Vallejo's Code Enforcement officer did not like the idea.  The project was stopped and the people's art was painted over,
insuring the continuation of gang tagging.
Left, Student painted K rail stops graffiti and gang tags near Vallejo High School.

Above, Vallejo Code Enforcement paints over student work, returning site to gangs.
Read Vallejo's Code Enforcement
Emails regarding the "Anti Graffiti"
team headed by Vallejo Code Enforcement, and my published response.