Harold Beaulieu

Teachers at Edna Hill School in Brentwood, California learn to make paint from common materials such as white glue, food coloring and fabric starch. Above right, teachers at Lincoln School in Richmond California

pose with the container that will be home to the school’s new mural. 

The Teachers Mural Painting Workshop


At the May meeting of the Art  and Culture Commission

of Contra Costa County, commissioner Harold Beaulieu

was authorized by vote of the commission to explore the idea of designing a workshop that could help teachers produce murals in elementary and middle schools in Contra Costa County.

After two successful workshops, it became

clear that each school wanted it's own mural.

Through evaluations from teachers attending the first workshops, a plan was designed to accommodate many more schools, as well as to exploit the unique benefits that murals can add to individual school identity.

The all day workshops bridge a huge gap in arts and education for youth by providing teachers with the tools and materials needed

to produce large-scale painting projects in our schools that will involve many children.